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Missionaries: Pastor Christy Dunn and Pre-school teacher Maddy Dunn

Dates: July 19 to Aug 7, 2022

Where: Jinja, Uganda and surrounding area

Partnering with: Heal Ministries, Heal Ministries Partners, Uganda Parkinson Si Buko, and local outreach ministries


HEAL Ministries:

Builds Relationships And Implements Christ-Centered Programs Addressing The Spiritual, Emotional And Physical Well-Being Of Abandoned Women And Children.

We Desire For Vulnerable Families To Become Holistically Transformed And Empowered To Stay Together And Live Sustainably Within Their Communities.

Our Goal?

For EVERY Person That Passes Through Our Gates To Learn About Christ, Sustainability, And FAMILY PRESERVATION.  We Believe Every Family Can Have A Story Of Success No Matter What Obstacles They Face


Heal Ministries | NonProfit In Jinja, Uganda Serving Abandoned Women & Children Through Sustainability Programs & Education (


Uganda Parkinson Si Buko:  

Parkinson Si Buko means “Parkinson’s is not witchcraft” Parkinson's is misunderstood in many areas of Uganda.  It is thought to be a curse brought on by WITCHCRAFT. 

People with PD are considered untouchable and that the disease is contagious.   Outcasts in society, that no one wants to be around them.

PARKINSON'S SI BUKO UGANDA & PARKINSON'S SI BUKO USA work to bring community awareness, doctor training, physical therapy and medicine to change the lives those living with PD, their families and community.


Parkinson's as Witchcraft - Parkinson's Si Buko Uganda (



Ways to Help: Pray! Encourage! Pray! If you would like to support Christy & Maddy financially you can give to the church and designate your giving to the UGANDA 2022 FUND.

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